Following The Muse (2013)

by Clandestiny

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This is a compilation of music that I wrote and produced during 2008-2009. I finally got around to releasing it now in 2013, but under the inspiring fire of writing a new album for this coming year.


released January 6, 2013

Matt Duplessie - producer, writer, performer, lyricist, vocalist
Octo5 - drums on select tracks
Lucia Garcia- vocals on select tracks




all rights reserved


Clandestiny Savannah, Georgia

Clandestiny is an electribal musical ensemble of timeless indigenous world sounds, haunting layers of vocal choirs and cerebral musical weavings.
This Savannah, Georgia based conscious musician, producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is musically inspired by arpeggiated sequences, weaving counterpoint melodies, movie scores and atmospheric ambience.
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Track Name: Aura
I give my days to her
The sun gets it's rays from her
I feel ablaze by her
My thoughts are fazed by her

I'm touched by fields of her
The wind get it's feel from her
I feel ablaze in her
My thoughts are fazed by her

I give my days to her
The sun gets it's rays from her
I feel ablaze by her
My thoughts are fazed by her
Track Name: Lost
Come walk with me a moment into the hollow wood
I know I speak of moments before they've ever come
A fleeting feelings coming, to rise right over me
Don't question intuition or that which seems to be

Can we talk without a word?
Do we know what's really heard?
We live within the others land
We die to live so others can

Brainwashed in make-believe but fate is shining true
We can't escape this place, no matter what we do
A secret chain is forging and links us all to one
I want to swim forever beneath the fallen sun

the others just can't see
but it's different, it's special
I did not choose this, I was chosen
This is my destiny, I belong here
It may be hard for the others to accept
but everything happens for a reason

Can we talk without a word?
Do we know what's really heard?
We live within the others land
We die to live so others can

Try to live beneath the sun
We feel so lost when hope is gone
This path is made to lead us on
This is a sign of things to come
Track Name: Maggot
We kill it, time and time again but
They keep coming on for
All the things we gave you
A piece of my own self but
I cannot hold on long
Drowning in yourself
A sin inside your womb
Insinuate it

Feel them, creeping up your back and
We will never let go
For it’s not our problem
Given what you knew
The same one, is it not yet
Drowning in yourself?

Drowning in you
Drowning my own worth

I think it’s even worse than the last one
I’m trying to fight for
But there’s nothing happening
I thought you were my friend
But I won’t believe it
Confidence in reason
Don’t follow
Careless with your sorrow
Track Name: Age of Light - feat. Lucia Garcia
All come at once to a time they were upon,
castles to the east, the southern shoreis gone,
help a man be a child, they way we were when we once began,
the shadowless castle has brightness piled,
old man smiles, took an innocent hand,
the shadowless castle has brightness piled,
the shadowless castle has brightness piled.

Meadows are cozy with sheets of rain closing the gaps of the open air,
the color clear runs thick glisten atmospherical lush land commisionaire.
Track Name: The Adventures of Confusion and Fear
Well she's been living like she's been pushed aside
and she's never been the same since her best friend died
she keeps on trying but it feels like a waste
everyday is the same and she chokes on the taste
she has a lover when she gets home
but he's always drinking so she feels quite alone
she looks to the heavens and she prays to the stars
she hopes some day soon she can go real far

And she remembers that everything will be alright

Well he's been feeling like he's been here before
and they've never been the same since they laid on the floor
the pain keeps coming cause it cuts like a knife
and he must of been a villain in a former life
he stole his prescription from his mother's supply
and everyday he's coming much closer to die
but to him that'll seem like a dream come true
cause his dead-end life can't seem to end too soon
Track Name: Keepsake
Go ahead and keep it,
I don't want it no more,
What's with all the secrets,
lying on the floor?

Where's everybody?
Where'd we all go?
I'm feeling alone now,
Got nothing to show.

This used to be a party,
this used to be fun,
You used to pretty,
you used to be young.

I've waited for forever,
keeping me around,
I wanna be happy,
I wanna be allowed.

This is the invitation,
I've been keeping for years,
I wanna be happy,
I don't want no tears.

Gimme a reason,
It'll all go away,
But I'm not sure,
Why I'll stay,
Why I stay...
Track Name: And Now For Something Completely Different
This is the underwater sign where we live,
and other people dying to get this sin,
because I can't live without the lies,
and baby you've just got me in surprise,

A blink of her heart has got me in your hold,
again and again and again and again,
I just can't keep myself from this place in my place
and I've got lovin to give, I've got a whole lot to give,

So come on with me, to the moon, to the stars,
we'll take a real far trip, we'll get so far,
and I'll never get back to what we were,
we never were, we never were,
sing it for me...
Track Name: Signs feat. Lucia Garcia
Little baby, why you afraid?
Are you afraid of the nightmares or the monsters in your brain?
Crooning cradle, endlessly bounded
by the trappings of a fable in the darkened room surrounded.

Lucid facet of the sublime bloom signs within your mind, within your mind.

Within your mind.
Within your mind.
Within your...

Within your mind.
Within your mind.
Within your mind.
Within your...
Track Name: The Wave
A lazy tide, a lullaby,
forget your sorrow and denial,
the sandy sheets, envelop feet,
your heart is thawed out with every beat.

Another wave of pleasantries,
to wash away your simple hate,
a sun-lite smile, alone for miles,
I'm leaving in an ancient style.

I've given up, the fight is done,
nothing left within me, this selfish one,
I lay there at night, when the tide is alive,
to carry me away to another life.
Track Name: C'est la vie
I've opened up my senses back to what's been gone,
and closed my heart because my head is healing some,
I'm burning bridges to the past that I once kept,
I hope the first one is the one I won't regret.

I've reached the point of no return, I'm moving on,
and intuition's pushing me out and beyond,
I'll find a songbird here and oh how she will sing,
intoxicated with the beauty that she brings.

I walk alone for now, but I've never felt so alive.
Track Name: The Storm
I feel I've fallen
I've fallen down,
This is my own say,
and I can't wait no more

So will you follow?
Follow me in this,
I can't help it, again

This is my hour,
I feel it coming...

Will you, will you feel death intertwine?
Will you, wrap me storm?
Track Name: God is Sinning
Where she will find,
a love left behind,
and since nothing matters,
know it cannot die, it's sinning
my god is sinning

And when we lept behind a fallen tree,
I will take some life for you,
I will taste some life,

my god is sinning
my god is sinning
my god is sinning
my darlin oh,
feel up your follow,

Where she will find,
Where she will find,
A love left behind...