Seven Perceptions Demo (2004)

by Clandestiny

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The first band I was ever in also forged some of my lifelong friends. This album was the first time I sang in a group and the first time I wrote lyrics to songs. Each member brought their own unique influences to the group to form Seven Perceptions.

Logo designed by Brenton Duplessie


released August 1, 2004

Chris Konowal - bass, Nathan Weekley - lead guitar, Steve Kovach - drums/percussion, Matt Duplessie - vocals, rhythm guitar



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Clandestiny Savannah, Georgia

Clandestiny is an electribal musical ensemble of timeless indigenous world sounds, haunting layers of vocal choirs and cerebral musical weavings.
This Savannah, Georgia based conscious musician, producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is musically inspired by arpeggiated sequences, weaving counterpoint melodies, movie scores and atmospheric ambience.
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Track Name: Idle Eyes
Standing alone, in a riverbed, to soak my head
and it's unknown, what the day will bring me, I forgive thee,
stare at the clouds, as your blood runs thin, I fear I've sinned,
laugh at loud at the sound of silence, forgive my violence,
forget my violence,
I am not violent!

It's no surprise that I idolize your idle eyes
please look away for your own sake do as I say

I'm flawed by design, I'm designed to die
I will live my life then fall towards the sky
I will not revelate when I meet the maker
this I do for you, please God take her

The good book states that it is our fate
to procreate
but those who live a life of sin
his will I begin


Ingrained in a circle of light
your eyes can keep me holding on
Believe in the sanctity, holding me
beneath the dying light
Disbelieve the insanity has captured me
beneath the umbra

Disbelieve the insanity
Disbelieve the insanity
Disbelieve the insanity

Try to find the light
Track Name: Signs of Digging
Here a dead man lies...
engraved inscription,
reads rest in peace

At the time of death,
he screamed from his chest,
that dead man's me...

You always bring me down
sinking, like a stone
and down is where I belong,
for always..

I hope my brain subsides
encased in a landslide
like a tomb,

Indecisions denied
the odds that I'll survive
I'm falling
I'm falling


Me myself and I,
we have fallen in,
buried alive

And beneath my smile,
I can feel no shame
for killing me
Track Name: Sleeping Beauty
When I drift off in my bed,
theres visions of you in my head,
flying.. around me...

The sight of you it makes me yearn,
I reach for you, hard to discern,
trying to.... astound me...

Hold my breath , close my eyes to see,
I wish this was reality,
dying to... surround me...

In my dreams your there
when I wake the tear
in my heart with bleed

Sleeping beauty please don't abuse me
these feelings oh so confusing
crying, howling

The sight of you I toss and turn
where I lay I start to burn
dying, drowning,


I'm shallow of breath you make me choke
I hold my side
the pain you evoke

Track Name: Alone
In your body
it will feel right
somethings calling
you can't explain it

and you've waited
for your whole life
for the darkness
to come undone

she was eighteen
barely legal
never lonely
but always alone

she's crying herself
asleep at night
she can't figure out
why nothing is right
alone... alone...

under her mind
matter and soul
there is nothing
waiting to enlist

and you doubted
it's existence
yet you hold it
against your skin

and the louder
that you scream it
never lonely
but always alone


Dare I
Sleep tonite
for I fear
Death is near