Speaks (2016)

by Word of Mouth



released April 23, 2016

Word of Mouth

Melissa Hagerty - Theremin, Vocals
Miggs Son Daddy - Trumpet, Vocals
Jeff Derosa - Bass, Cello, Production
Lucia Garcia - Piano, Vocals
David Ballantyne - Guitar, Vocals
Taylor Locke - Percussion, Vocals
Mike McCoy - Drums, Percussion
Matthew Duplessie - Synth

Album art by Miggs Son Daddy miggstheartist.com



Clandestiny Savannah, Georgia

Clandestiny is an electribal musical ensemble of timeless indigenous world sounds, haunting layers of vocal choirs and cerebral musical weavings.
This Savannah, Georgia based conscious musician, producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is musically inspired by arpeggiated sequences, weaving counterpoint melodies, movie scores and atmospheric ambience.
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